A New Kind of Content - Digital Twins

Straub Collaborative uses a scaled approach to 3D model (Digital Twin) creation blending emerging photogrammetry technologies and traditional commercial photography practices to create photorealistic 3D models of your product. The digital twin is optimized for mobile ecommerce, solves retail industry business issues, and delights your customer. The product materials appear realistic because our experts are able to reproduce the tactical texture of real-world materials in the digital world. Replace layers of your content production by producing one digital twin that can render 2D images, video, and animation.Interactive3D AR 3Dcommerce AugmentedReality #3Dscan 3dscanning digitaltwins digitalexperience web3d arvr

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Making the impossible, possible. What is a Digital Twin?

A Digital Twin is a 3D model or a virtual representation of a physical product. It is a digital replica of a physical asset created through advanced scanning and modeling techniques. Digital Twins are used in early product concept phase by designers to reduce time and cost of the product iterations. When photorealistic techniques are applied to a 3D model, images and video can be rendered for e-commerce content. A digital double enables businesses to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and innovate in ways that were previously impossible.

Straub Collaboratives approaches 3D content production through a scaled and thoughtful approach to creating assets that solve business problems and are not just the latest marketing fad. The future use of digital doubles will support consumer buying behaviors. Your ecmm shopper will be better informed about fit  which will reduce "size bracketing" purchases that end in a bad customer experience, unnecessary returns, and significant cost to your operations, and reduction of your bottom line.


Technology is not enough. Scaled production requires expertise.

Making one 3D model is good, making 100 is great. Straub Collaborative excels at making thousands of models delivered within retail deadlines with pricing in line with e-commerce budgets.

Delivering to the retail calendar requires skilled technicians and technologists, trusted partnerships with global technology companies, and decades of scaled production experience to produce at this volume. Straub has tamed the wild west of 3D production establishing proven workflows, industry standards, and creating systems that reduce production churn. Many 3D producers are claiming they have solved the Rubik's cube of the scaling issues with artificial intelligence or through automated steps. While technological advances are being made every day and breakthroughs will come, the requirement to execute on brand standards and deliver at scale requires the experience we execute on every day.